Group sessions are one method of counseling.

Our Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Leonard O. Byrd, PhD, uses his specialized techniques to provide the services for you to find relief and comfort.

“We are never upset for the reasons we think. I use psychotherapy analysis to remove negative thoughts and ideas from your past.” -Dr. Byrd

As a Hypnotherapist Dr. Byrd can help you with issues related to pain, stress, addictions and many other areas of concern. Real hypnosis is really relaxation therapy.

Dr. Byrd has also successfully assisted clients with drug and alcohol problems and those with negative habits, such as fingernail biting.

Looking for help for yourself, family or job? Dr. Byrd’s counseling can help you find ways to resolve your frustrations. Group sessions are available as well as private therapy.

If you are suffering from migraines, or pain in its many different forms, Dr. Byrd can treat you with Acupressure, or Pressure Point Therapy.